Digital Classroom

“Technology-enabled” classrooms for faculties and students to access multi-media content and information which leads to more engaging and interactive sessions.

Adequate ventilation, natural light, appropriate seating arrangement, and teacher’s area for creating a functional and engaging classroom environment that supports effective teaching and learning process.


It provides plentiful resources on reference books and periodicals with ample seating arrangement.

Seminar Hall

Air-conditioned Seminar hall equipped with audio-visual equipment and projectors, congenial for seminars, power point presentations, workshops, symposia, and playing educative documentary films for the students.

Computer Labs

Sophisticated setups with necessary equipment which is reliable and user -friendly with internet facility to help students navigate the Technology- driven world.

Science Labs

Specialized labs designed to cater to the specific needs of each discipline – Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, and Microbiology, ensuring that students have access to the necessary tools and resources to conduct experiments and develop a deeper understanding of scientific principles.


Prism offers a range of indoor and outdoor activities to promote physical well being and recreation among students.

Prism provides a safe and secure environment for the well- being and academic success of students. It involves a multifaceted approach that integrates various strategies and technologies to mitigate risks and ensure a welcoming atmosphere conducive to learning.